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In a period of forty-eight weeks, each course would have served for two weeks ― with each session being separated from the other by about six months.

There are just over fifty-two weeks in each Solar Year.

There is biblical information which could go a long way in helping us understand the general time period for Jesus birth.

Luke gave more chronological data regarding the birth and ministry of Jesus than any other biblical writer.

Though his statements are general, they are plain enough to indicate the approximate time of Johns birth, and consequently that of Jesus himself.

This chronological information is found in Lukes first chapter.

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When all these evidences are considered, it shows that Jesus was certainly a few months old when the Magi presented their gifts.The first family of priests commenced their administrations at noon on a Sabbath (Saturday) and they were relieved of duty the following Sabbath at noon.The Bible said they (2 Chronicles 23:8; 2 Kings 11:5).The angel understood his reason for disbelief; so, Zechariah was struck dumb to prove the certainty of what was prophesied.When Zechariah came out of the inner temple, the people perceived that he had seen a vision and were amazed that he was unable to speak.

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