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In March, a Dubai court acquitted British businessman David Haigh of charges brought under the UAE’s cybercrime laws.

Haigh claimed after his release that Dubai police had punched and tasered him in an unsuccessful effort to make him confess to accusations of fraud.

For instance, the law provides that, for a woman to marry, her male guardian must conclude her marriage contract; men have the right to unilaterally divorce their wives, whereas a woman who wishes to divorce her husband must apply for a court order; a woman can lose her right to maintenance if, for example, she refuses to have sexual relations with her husband without a lawful excuse; and women are required to “obey” their husbands.

A woman may be considered disobedient, with few exceptions, if she decides to work without her husband’s consent.

The new decrees do not apply to domestic workers, who are explicitly excluded from UAE labor law protections.

Discrimination on the basis of sex and gender is not included in the definition of discrimination in the UAE’s 2015 anti-discrimination law. 28 of 2005 regulates matters of personal status in the UAE, and some of its provisions discriminate against women.

Foreigners account for more than 88.5 percent of UAE residents, according to 2011 government statistics and many low-paid migrant workers remain acutely vulnerable to forced labor, despite some reforms.

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It is unclear if the UAE air force is still taking part in coalition airstrikes, but Emirati troops remain on the ground in the south of the country.A June report from Citizen Lab, a research institute at the University of Toronto that focuses on internet security and human rights, identified a series of digital campaigns against UAE dissidents, dating back to 2012.Citizen Lab described the operator of these campaigns as “a sophisticated threat actor,” and said that it was implausible that a state-actor was not behind the campaign.The research identified several pieces of information suggesting a connection between the operator and the UAE government.In August 2016, Apple issued a software update to all i Phone users after Citizen Lab identified flaws in its operating system that an Israel-based software company, NSO, had exploited in an attempt to place spyware on the phone of leading Emirati human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor.

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