Brad pitt angelina jolie dating history

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“[I was] surprised when I suddenly found myself having these feelings I always had for men, but for a woman,” the superstar told Walters.

“And wanting to kiss her and wanting to touch her.” Shimizu, for her part, has touted her own ability to “take care of [Angelina’s] sexual needs.” Their lesbian relationship continued throughout Jolie’s three-year marriage to Miller, possibly contributing to their 1999 divorce, as well as afterward even as Jolie became involved with other men, according to The New York Daily News.

If the timing is right, you can intersect with someone and form a lasting bond, while if the timing isn't right, you can end up feeling quite isolated." The film is a love story, of course, although with the director of Seven, Fight Club and Zodiac at the helm, it does not feel overly mawkish.

"When one deals with an epic romance, a film like this could have easily gone into the sentimental, but given that we have got David Fincher, who is the world's greatest cynic at the helm, we were safe. We keep making the same mistakes as a species and you can usually draw it back to the fact that we are all terrified of dying.

"I love theatre – it's where I started – and I've directed a play myself.

Of all the challenges presented by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – the near three-hour running time, the unusual story structure, the copious amount of make-up – Cate Blanchett found that her biggest problem came courtesy of her leading man, Brad Pitt.

They were excellent in Alejandro González Iñárritu's 2006 drama Babel and here they shine once again, playing lovers in director David Fincher's adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 short story about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards.

For several years in the 1990s and early 2000s, Jolie was heavily involved in a lesbian romance with model and actress Jenny Shimizu.

Shimizu is an out lesbian and Jolie has acknowledged her own bisexuality.

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