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1.15 facilitates logging to your newly created hosts through SSH by automatically adding the SSH keys from the user or user group that creates the host.These keys are also available to be used in templates and as part of the ENC data.If you have questions you can leave a message here but I decide whether I'll answer and help or not.Create a subdomain (dyndns.example.org) and a vhost for the updating script.The Foreman installer uses Puppet to install Foreman.This guide assumes that you have a newly installed operating system, on which the installer will setup Foreman, a Puppet master, and the Smart Proxy by default.In order to avoid unexpected changes in your templates, now you can lock them.

It is configurable and the Puppet modules can be read or run in “no-op” mode to see what changes it will make.For this release, the tables for fact values, hosts and reports can be exported to CSV and read by anything that supports this format.A long-wanted feature, now it is possible to just add a connection to a Compute Resource (EC2, Rackspace, VMWare…) and import any or all your hosts to Foreman.121e Android Jolla Linux multiboot usb-stick Midori SFTP SSL-Cert access adblock angua arch avira avnotify-block bash bashsmb batch blog blogtng bluetooth citrix completion arch-daemon createfiles ddns design design change dhcp emerge filetransfer firefox fonic ftp getmac gv4alw how-to internal modem irssi keynav lighttpd linux maemo makerepopkg microsoft mount move to sd-card murmur n900 nbtstat ncat netcfg nvidia pagemove palava powersaving privoxy pure-ftpd python repository roundcube rrdcached rrdtool ruby samba scripting set own password ssh keygen systemd theme thinkpad transmission tuxcmd udev umts upcheck upgrade vimnav xml xp Hi, since some time my DDNS provider has problems which cause the loss of the connection to my home server.To prevent this loss I've read some manpages and build my own DDNS server.

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