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The gearbox is further good news, for the first time with six forward manual gears.However, I can’t say I was enthralled by the driving experience. No matter how many times I tried to configure the seat and steering wheel to my liking, I found the driving position ever so slightly off. Not that the ST-Line struggles in any way to cope with most bends.The pair star together in the independent movie Gifted.Evans plays Frank Adler, the uncle who cares for niece Mary (Mckenna), whose mother is out of the picture.

Unless that lady happens to be a ten-year-old girl by the name of Mckenna Grace.

‘There was time to develop a bond, and trust built very quickly. We trusted each other.‘Mckenna’s mum was with her and we all hung out and ate together when we could,’ Evans told me.

He got on well, too, with Lindsay Duncan, who has a key role in the picture which opens here next Friday.

Mary is soon hailed as a maths prodigy; and then a tug-of-love battle begins, as others seek to take the child from him. ‘She’s a fresh new soul who made it very easy for everyone — and she tells jokes!

There’s no denying Evans, 35, and Mckenna have great chemistry. ’You hear this kind of gush all the time; and normally I’d put a stop to it.

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