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(Windows XP SP3; Microsoft Office Excel 2003) Option Explicit Private Sub Read Filesin Folder() '**Opens File Dialog and cycles all files for batch or just single file Dim obj Fs As Object, obj F As Object, obj F1 As Object, obj Fc As Object Dim str Endof Path As String, str File Path As String, str Filename As String Dim lng Count As Long, Worksheetname As String, CELL As String, obj WB As Workbook, obj WS As Worksheet Dim dbl TOTAL As Double Worksheetname = "Sheet1" CELL = "K5" With Application. Either change ' Sheet1' to what you need or if worksheet names are not consistent then you will need to add further logic to identify which sheet name the data from K5 is on. (I'm familiar with 'c' and Pascal, not QB.)It isn't working.I added a watch to dbl TOTAL and it says "out of context." (I did that as the variable doesn't ever appear to be assigned to anything, as I said in the above comment.) Also I'm having to click "no" on every single file that gets opened - "do you want to save the changes." How do I make that go away? I must be using bad keywords, as I can't believe Excel doesn't have such basic functionality. In the Visual Basic editor, I added the subroutine, then Run-Try the code again, I forgot to close each workbook when finished. Now I can select multiple files, and I don't get the run time error (from selecting one file.) Nothing is changed in the worksheet I put the subroutine in - it's still all empty - no total.(I did find some stuff if I had multiple worksheets in the same workbook - we would not be able to maintain all those time cards in the same file, and going through and opening all the workbooks at the same time would be very tedious - 500 double-clicks.) Thanks. The code assumes all the data is on a worksheet named ' Sheet1'. In the code, I don't see where dbl TOTAL is ever assigned to anything, and the procedure doesn't seem to have a return value type (if I called it in a Macro, and then assigned a cell to the return value).For example, you can’t add any of the following features, and in some cases you can’t even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.Test everything after you share the file, because things might not work the way they did before. Find out exactly what the workbook’s purpose is, and why multiple people need to use it.The Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) was created in 1998 to collect reliable immunization information for children and make it accessible to authorized users.

Close Save Changes:=True Set wb = Nothing file = Dir Wend Application. This is a one time thing (every quarter) - I don't need the result to be updated if any of those 500 timecards change. Selected Items(lng Count), str Endof Path) str Filename = Right(. Selected Items(lng Count)) - str Endof Path) Next lng Count End With Set obj Fs = Create Object("Scripting. Get Folder(str File Path) 'Batch Import Set obj Fc = obj F. I need a total of cell K5 from all those workbooks. Selected Items(lng Count), "\") str File Path = Left(.It would be great if there was a function that took two parameters - 1) the name of the directory containing the Excel files; 2) the specific cell you want totaled. Files For Each obj F1 In obj Fc Do Events Set obj WB = Get Object(obj F1) Set obj WS = obj WB. Close Set obj WB = Nothing Next obj F1 msgbox dbl TOTAL End Sub The file dialog doesn't let me select a directory, and it won't let me select multiple files.After 3.5 hours of searching, the Excel forums haven't helped. Sheets(Worksheetname) dbl TOTAL = dbl TOTAL obj WS. When I select a single file, I get a run-time error "type mismatch" on this line "Set obj WB = Get Object(obj F1)" I haven't added a subroutine before.

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