Dating antique secretary

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When a secretary desk is cut in half vertically, so to speak, to provide a secretary desk half as wide as usual on one side and a glassed door cabinet on the other, this big piece of furniture is called a side-by-side secretary.The term is also applied sometimes to very big pieces of furniture made up of three elements, one of them being a half-wide secretary desk.

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There is no unanimity on this term, even among specialists.

In a taxonomic sense one could sometimes say that all desks which have the capacity to close off the working surface are secretaries, while all others are simply desks, but such a division would be too broad to be useful.

To add to the confusion, certain forms of the secretary desk are called escritoire, usually when the bookcase section is covered with glazed panels instead of wooden doors, but the term escritoire is also sometimes used to define a very portable writing slope, which is it at the other extreme in terms of bulk and weight.

This beautiful and extremely functional secretary can serve as a convenient writing desk or elegant bedside surface. If you're looking for a desk that doesn't have the typical visual weight, this antique painted writing table/desk is for you!

Hand-crafted from exotic imported mahogany \"bookmatched\" to create a stunning naturalistic pattern on the façade, this secretaire features a large drop-down desk surface with a pair of cabinets below, a departure from the more typical... Rounded edges are space-friendly, and pair of drawers adds just enough functionality for the 21st century home office or study.

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