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In October, back in Kiev, Klim and I started preparing the underdeveloped plate for measurements.

It turned out that the marked comet was located 2-3 degrees away from its predicted position. We checked thoroughly the whole field and we found comet 32P/Comas Solà in the expected spot. We proceeded looking through all the material we collected on comet 32P/Comas Solà and found this new object on four more plates, dated 9 and 21 September.

(Editor's note: No digital cameras in those days!

) I didn't have much prepared developer, but I decided to process the plates first and then prepare a fresh solution.

The new information on the composition of cometary gas, dust, structure and the nucleus of the comet will help us to broaden our understanding of the Solar System and understand the history of its formation and development.

Comets are the most enigmatic and enchanting objects.

When Marsden calculated the orbit and sent the ephemerides to other observatories, it turned out that it was also on negatives obtained in August, a month earlier than our observation. In 1975, Svetlana was awarded a medal for the "discovery of new astronomical objects", and in 1995 asteroid 3945 was named in her honour.THE TIMES, TELEGRAPH, GUARDIAN, OBSERVER and ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2017' A must read' - Margaret Atwood' Extraordinary. it would be hard to find a book that feels more important or original' - Viv Groskop, Observer The long-awaited translation of the classic oral history of Soviet women's experiences in the Second World War - from the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature"Why, having stood up for and held their own place in a once absolutely male world, have women not stood up for their history? After completing the manuscript in 1983, Alexievich was not allowed to publish it because it went against the state-sanctioned history of the war.I was very upset that I had messed up and at first even wanted to throw the plate away. It happened that there was a comet in the lighter part of the plate, which I considered must be comet 32P/Comas Solà.Thus, the plate was saved and I continued the comet observation programme.

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