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Jabba's lust for humanoid females like Leia originates from years of Hutt tradition.

Thousands of years ago on Nal Hutta, ancient Hutt tribes would kidnap beautiful females like Leia and force them into sexual slavery.

However, Jabba brought her down from these heights, attempting to reign in her strength for his own pleasure.

With the entire galaxy at war, Leia hated to be detained by the vile gangster.

Enslaved by the mighty Jabba, the rebel princess sat beside her new master on his dais, with a few pillows for comfort.

yet soft and smooth with an attractive bellybutton, and her young skin was still milky and tender.

In some ways, it was a running joke that the Hutt was "always on the prowl" for women of Leia's beauty and stature, though he was rarely successful in capturing them. Suddenly, they heard the gangster slug's booming voice: "Stop!

Bring her to me." Lando hesitated, dreading what was coming next, knowing of Jabba's intense sexual lust for females.

Conversely, Jabba was immediately attracted to the young, sexy princess.

At once he desired to enjoy her loveliness, and for a long time to come.

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