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Not that this apparent US collaboration with ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria is anything new, but long-held suspicions - now confirmed - constitute a substantial body of evidence.

Events such as the transit of ISIS convoys across the Syrian desert without interference from US coalition planes, or the free pass for the tanker-pipeline taking ISIS Oil out through Turkey can also now be seen as acts of facilitation rather than merely a failure to act.

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The “On the Floor” singer, 47, is dating former MLB star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

And it seems as though the “Kurdistan Project” was a central part of this.

At the same time these Western countries’ sole stated pretext for entering Syrian territory without UN authorisation has been to fight ISIS terrorists, while the threat of Wahhabi terrorist attacks at home has been ruthlessly exploited to gain support for these foreign military actions from their domestic audiences.We would hope that Russia’s patience with Israel is wearing just as thin as it has with the US, and that the next time Israel pushes its luck with Syrian air defences it will be dodging Russia’s feared S400 missiles instead.Not only that of course – Israel’s excuse that it is targeting Iranian infiltration and weapons shipments to Hezbollah can no longer cut any slack with Russia, for whom Iran is now a major military and economic ally.“They have been dating for a few weeks,” the source said.“She seems excited,” a source close to Lopez told PEOPLE.

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