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Asked if Fox was dating Green at the time — the couple split in 2009 before reconciling a year later and getting married — La Beouf says, "I don't know, man. The actress was dating Adrian Grenier and was in La Beouf's truck the night of his 2008 car accident.

She had a blowup with director Michael Bay last year and quit, so she doesn’t appear in “Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon.” “She felt like a prostitute,” La Beouf said of Fox and the actress’ view of her eye-candy role. He dated Carey Mulligan, his “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” co-star, for more than a year before ending it in October — apparently on good terms. “I think she’s a f – -king awesome person and an incredible actress. I wouldn’t take any of it back, and I don’t think she would either.Fox filed for divorce from husband Brian Austin Green this week citing “irreconcilable differences.” Sources tell People magazine, "Megan and Brian's split is a classic Hollywood story of two people in different stages of life and career." The insider added, "She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband's expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities. On the eve of the opening of his critical-dud “Transformers” flick, kiss-and-tell hunk Shia La Beouf admitted to having a fling with former co-star Megan Fox — while she was struggling to keep it together with then-boyfriend and future hubby Brian Austin Green. -La Beouf knows exactly what went wrong with To explain why a film that could have been a darkly comic indictment of the American financial system wound up being a sappy family drama about the redemptive power of Carey Mulligan’s tears, La Beouf explains that director Oliver Stone “was trying to play nice. “Neither one of us, I think, were in love,” says La Beouf, “Just sort of experimenting or whatever.” Pause to picture La Beouf and Lucas in a laboratory conducting elaborate scientific experiments, then putting on a matching set of top hats and monocles and philandering around Victorian England.

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