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Higgins took inspiration from these discussions in his songwriting, with bandmate Nicola Roberts explaining that "it's important he's up to date with where we are.

Our songs have to reflect us so that's why we do it." The b-side was originally written in 2006 in an attempt to come up with a lead single for the group's first compilation album, The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits, however, "Something Kinda Ooooh" was released instead. No No No...", in which Cole's vocals during the introduction were vocodered, before the electropunk chorus starts with an incorporated sample from Nazareth's 1975 track "Hair of the Dog".

Even if you rebelled against technology, ditched your mobile phone, and avoided using heavily-tracked web services like Facebook and Google, you’d still be on surveillance cameras that capture your face, license plate scanners, and credit databases, among other things.

Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Verizon…companies like these mine your data for commercial reasons, but they end up having to give it up to law enforcement when asked.

Right now, Eevie's goal topic is taking off her dress, and most of the tips coming in are for her topic of drinking wine.

Neither she nor her viewers seem in a hurry to reach the topic.

The seamstress starts putting large pins into her dress, poking their way around the girls, until the pins start tearing into their dresses.

You do not want to rush the first time after having a baby.

If it's wrong or rushed it will turn you off to anything after that.

The pins tear the dresses off, and the girls are back in their catsuits, surrounded by the threads of their dresses.

Make sure you are well lubricated, self- or store-bought. Feed baby and put him/her to sleep with a dry diaper — anything you can do to buy you some time.

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