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Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, a rumoured notorious womaniser, will be Thailand's new king after the death of his father, King Bhumibol on Thursday.Pictured: Prince Maha in Germany in May wearing a tank top, and covered in fake tattoos being received by officials The appointment of Prince Maha - who has asked for a delay of four days before he assumes the throne - has raised eyebrows both at home and abroad.Party: Katie Belle’s Music Hall is where the action begins from 4pm when the early bird special meals start.

Pictured: His third wife dressed in nothing more than a G-string to celebrate Fufu's birthday 'He [King Bhumibol] thought his son would be a poor king but he was a conservative man and thought a man should succeed him.

In 2001 he wed his third wife Srirasmi Suwadee (pictured with their son Dipangkom Rasmijoti), describing her as a 'modest and patient' woman who 'never says bad things towards anyone' But the marriage collapsed in 2014 and Prince Maha stripped her of her royal titles and, after granting her a reported £4.5m settlement, exiled her to an undisclosed location in Thailand.

Pictured: Queen Sirikit of Thailand with Prince Maha (left) and Princess Rajakanya in 1953Journalist Paul Handley's unauthorised biography of King Bhumibol, titled 'The King Who Never Smiles', in which he referred to the Crown Prince as a 'violent' man, was banned in Thailand because authorities said it would 'affect national security'.

Ask any resident a question during the day about life in the slow lane and they all trot out the same cult-like phrases about the 1000-plus clubs, amazing amenities and friendly faces.

But at night, once the cheap booze kicks in, the talk turns to sex.

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