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In 2011, a demonstration in Tirana resulted in the death of three protestors and many injuries.In February 2015, two explosive devices detonated in Tirana and a third unexploded device was discovered at a bus station. Reports indicate these incidents were politically motivated.Ferries Albania 2017 - All the ferries the timetables and the rates for Albania Durrs - Trieste Ancona Bari Brindisi to Durres and Vlora reservation online Italy Albania Ferries Albania: Ancona Durazzo Valona Vlora Durres Durazzo Bari Trieste Durrs Durazzo Adriatica Skenderbeg Lines Ventouris Ferries Di Maio Lines Agoudimos Lines ferry, ferry Albania ferries Albania.GENERAL NOTE: We kindly remind you that in accordance with the International Directive SOLAS and Immigrations, when you book your ticket at a travel agent, you must submit the following details: Name and Surname, Sex, Age, Nationality, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth, Passport Number and Expire date, Type and registration number of the vehicle.

It is illegal to photograph military installations and military personnel. If you commit these offences, you may be prosecuted in Australia.Targets have included public transport, transport hubs, and public places frequented by foreigners.From December to February, severe weather may cause flooding, particularly in northern Albania, causing disruption to local travel and transport services.Research local laws before travelling, especially for an extended stay.If you're arrested or jailed, the Australian Government will do what it can to help you under our Consular Services Charter.

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