Pef and not mandating nursing overtimes

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Nationwide, some estimates peg medical errors as the third-leading cause of death, and advocacy group the American Nurses Association says mistakes and fatigue go hand-in-hand.

But DHHS officials said overtime is not as prevalent as nurses claim.

This time, supporters come armed with polling commissioned by the nurses union that shows Michigan voters would broadly support the legislation and any politicians who voted for it.

About 85% of Michigan voters think minimum nurse staffing levels would increase the quality of patient care at least a little, according to the poll from the Boston-based Anderson Robbins.

The legislation, called the Safe Patient Care Act, would establish fines for violations and require hospitals to publicly disclose staffing levels.

Officials with the state Department of Health & Human Services said a prohibition on mandatory overtime would make it difficult to adequately staff state hospitals.

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Nurses around the country say they’re frequently asked to work double shifts to cover staffing shortages.About half of the respondents said they had friends or family members who were nurses or were nurses themselves. The bills would only cover registered nurses, not nursing aides or licensed practical nurses.A union official said nursing aides at state psychiatric hospitals are overburdened with mandatory overtime, too.Especially for rural hospitals who can struggle to recruit staff, trying to meet mandatory ratios could mean limiting patients’ access to care.Instead, the hospital group supports more and better training for nurses, such as legislation allowing community colleges to issue four-year nursing degrees. Larry Inman , R-Williamsburg , a cosponsor on the nurse staffing legislation, also called for more training but said “this is a bill that will open all those discussions.”Nurses are “overworked, they’re overstressed, and they’re burning out," he added.

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