S5000 dating

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The S5000 has been equipped with a 3,450m Ah battery, so you should get around eight hours' web browsing out of the device, or six hours' HD video watching.

It's been close to four years since Akai updated its S-series samplers to the S3200XL, the last in a series based on an operating system that debuted in 1988 with the S1000.Playback from either is transparent, allowing playback of long samples directly from disk without having to load them into memory.RAM is expandable to 256 MBytes and the operating system runs from easily upgradable flash ROM.The S5000 been given a 1.2GHz quad-core Media Tek 8389 CPU, which does mean that multi-processing on the S5000 is half decent, and this is backed by 2GB of RAM.But none of this processing grunt has the wow factor.

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