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He’s currently the world record holder in tandem pushups—and this is his rookie year at the Games.Alex Anderson took 11th at the Games last year, winning the squat clean pyramid and taking sixth in the deadlift ladder (he finished at 555lbs).It was his first appearance, earning him Rookie of the Year.

A former Navy SEAL, Bridges has been doing Cross Fit since 2005. Another former pro Australian rugby player, Ricky Garard has the power (510-lb deadlift) and speed (51-second 400m) that you’d expect from such a powerhouse athlete.Based out of Ithaca, NY, Tim Paulson is in the North East region with Fraser and Vellner, so he’s used to competing against the best.This is his rookie appearance at the Games, but with one of the strongest performances at Regionals, he’s poised to do well. Another former gymnast, Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson is perhaps best known for winning Murph, one of Cross Fit’s longest, most grueling workouts, at the 2015 Games.Another rookie, Alec Smith is hardly unfamiliar with the sport.He’s the younger brother of Cross Fit legend Ben Smith, who won the Games in 2015, took second to Fraser in 2016, and placed third in 2013.

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