Victrola phonograph dating wireless validating identity firewalled

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Study the prices he cites, and you can figure out what your machine is worth, more or less.The postpaid price of "Phonograph Auction Prices--2004 edition" (it was published in April 2004) is .

They are only ranges to guide "newbies." You might get higher prices if you work hard at selling your machine (of course, you might also get lucky finding the right buyer with no effort).I receive, via email, the familiar question of "What is my machine worth? I used to reply to questions about value back in the old days when the internet was a novelty and I had some time. However, I have written (and revised) this article, which I believe should help many people.In fact, I wrote this article because I found myself saying, in email, many of the same things over and over again.Then I would compose a carefully worded answer, pointing out what might increase or decrease the value of a particular machine.Sadly, there is no incentive for me to give such assessments, and I never give quick estimates, or "guess-timates," off the top of my head since such answers are helpful to nobody.

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