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Nor will Patrick Ewing suit up for the Orlando Magic. Longevity is important, though it can be trumped by soaring peaks that were more short-lived.

Everything a player contributed on the floor for the relevant team matters. It's for this reason that tremendously talented players such as Shaquille O'Neal can (spoiler alert!

Don't bet that any current Hawks will work their way onto the all-time depth chart.Essentially, we're picking the 13 best careers for the franchise in question and keeping those players to the positions they traditionally occupied. No magic formula exists that tells which players were worth most to a team throughout their respective careers. Doc Rivers Had Doc Rivers come around a bit later, the world might have appreciated his playing days a bit more.My depth charts will likely look different than yours, and the ones featured in NBA 2K18will probably be different still—especially if they cater more toward modern players and avoid featuring the old-school legends to whom, when deserved, I often give credit. PG: Mookie Blaylock, Doc Rivers, Lenny Wilkens SG: Lou Hudson, Joe Johnson SF: Dominique Wilkins, Cliff Hagan PF: Bob Pettit, Kevin Willis, Josh Smith C: Al Horford, Dikembe Mutombo, Tree Rollins Head Coach: Mike Fratello Starting Five With a fascinating smorgasbord of players from different eras, the Atlanta Hawks are unquestionably led by Dominique Wilkins—easily the most famous contributor in the franchise's history. Though he only made a single All-Star squad because of his limited scoring acumen, his playmaking skills allowed him to average 6.8 assists and only 2.3 turnovers during his eight seasons with the Hawks.But with a few exceptions, they're all loaded with talent from top to bottom.The starting lineups typically feature at least one Hall of Fame talent, and organizational icons litter the benches.

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